We know that home maintenance and repairs can be frustrating and inefficient for homeowners, renters, and home services professionals.  We know this because we are or have been homeowners, renters, and home services professionals - just like you.

Fortunately, the problems that are experienced in this space, by the people on both sides of the market, can be solved thanks to modern technology.  Our product helps people in need to find the people that have the knowledge and skills required to help them fix their problems.  It allows them to connect in real time using any device to address the situation immediately.  Payment is integrated so there is no more hassle with that whole process.  Think of us as an combination of all of the great things that you love about Angie's List, Skype, Uber, and Square all rolled in to one app.  We are all about creating efficiency and value for everyone. 



I’m not handy at all, but I saw an ad for QuickCarl when I was searching online for info on how to replace my patio screen door. I reached out to Todd for free using QuickCarl and he was able to help me right away. I never thought of using video chat to fix anything, but I’m glad I did. Using my iPhone, Todd told me where to point the video camera as we inspected the door together. He quickly determined that I just needed to replace the rollers instead of the entire door. And, he even provided me with a link to order them online. When the parts showed up, I called him back to get help replacing them. It was awesome, especially since it saved me at least $75 and the headache of needing to call and wait. I will definitely use QuickCarl again!
— Wife, Mother of two, Renter
My wife and I were having some drainage issues in our backyard. I didn’t really know how to fix it, but I had started to look for advice on YouTube and came across a link to QuickCarl. I decided to try it and now we can’t imagine using any other service. I spent about 20 minutes with a landscaper from another state showing him the layout of the area and asking about ideas of how to fix it. I ended up calling the guy back when I went to HomeDepot to make sure I purchased the right things to fix the problem. It was great. Highly recommended.
— Husband, Father, Busy homeowner
I came home after work one day to find water all over the floor in my garage. It looked like it was coming from the wall. My husband is a Marine and is deployed. I had no idea what to do and needed help. I found QuickCarl online after searching instant home repairs. I connected with one of their plumbers, who was really helpful in showing me how to turn of the water supply to my house. My phone did it all and was easy to navigate as I showed the plumber where the leak was. It was very cool and when the local plumber showed up to fix the problem, he told me that it was a good thing I got the water turned off when I did to prevent any more damage.
— Military Spouse, Mother, Homeowner


We are more than just a startup technology company. QuickCarl is built as a socially responsible organization. Our culture of helping others can be seen throughout all of our operations. 

Supporting vets. 

As a service-disabled, veteran-owned business, we have a strong connection to our nation's military and those who support it. QuickCarl provides a platform for transitioning vets and those in between jobs to put their skills to work. Plus, vets can highlight their service by including a military emblem to their online profiles, and customers can search for veteran-owned businesses. 

Empowering tradesmen. 

We are especially interested in partnering with a non-profit organization like mikeroweWORKS foundation that supports tradesmen and highlights their role in building our infrastructure and keeping the wheels rolling.  If anyone knows Mike, let him know we would love to have a coffee and talk about how we could help. 

Supporting a cause.

Every year, millions of Americans and their families are affected by cardiovascular disease. By donating a portion of our revenue to this cause, we want to help the American Heart Association accomplish its mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 



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