Q.  Can the pro really see enough with a video call to help me?

Yes.  This may appear to be a new concept, but many home services professionals have been using video calling technology to help conduct daily business for some time.  Your smartphone’s camera shows more than enough detail for our pros to diagnose and troubleshoot problems as well as provide full project support.  


Q.  Where do your pros come from and how do we know they are good?

Our pros are analogous to Uber Drivers in many ways,  They can apply to be associated with our site and provide us their information for review.  We will verify things like their certifications and status with the better business bureau, but ultimately we hope to implement the star rating system so that the best pros get more business. This feature will be very important in our mobile app when it comes out.


Q.  Where did the name QuickCarl come from?

Quick Carl was a nickname for the Father of one our company’s founders, who is a tradesmen in the Midwest known for helping anyone and everyone at the moment they need it.  The original nick name was derived from a Marathon candy bar commercial from the 70’s.